Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bible Talk

True story: I put on some lip gloss and starting driving my car with the windows open. As the wind picked up my hair began sticking to my newly applied lip gloss. I would pull it off my lips and it would just stick back on when the wind hit me. Very attractive....
That has nothing to do with this jewel just thought you might need a chuckle :)

What I really want to talk to you about is conversations with God.
What if I told you that right now, this very moment, I could show you how to talk to God and have Him answer you right back!! Would you be interested?
I’ll assume you said yes so here goes.

It’s that simple, yet I think the Bible is one of the best kept secrets ever! 
The Bible starts as an introduction to the One and only Holy & Mighty God.
It explains God's care for His people spoken through leaders & prophets. In Psalms God shows He understands both our joys and our sorrows. The book of John is referred to as the book of love as we are introduced to our sweet Jesus. The New Testament teaches us how to live after we accept Christ so we have a full blessed life. Then God tops it off with Revelation! The book of victory and a glimpse into end times here on earth and life in Heaven. THIS BOOK IS ACTION PACKED!
For me my Bible is truly my life line. I tried life without it and I can tell you it was 
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pretty much a train wreck. My pages are marked up, highlighted and torn from many days of hanging onto God's word for dear life. I read it when I'm fearful, need encouragement, need a reminder of who I am in Christ. I read it when I'm sad or seeking knowledge. I read it when I want to be reminded how much I'm loved.
My Bible is my direct line to God's thoughts, His commands, His desires and His plan for my life. Every time I read it I find something new. It has love stories, war stories, history, prophecy and 31 Proverbs. One for each day of the month to give me wisdom. I love red letter Bibles where I'm reminded they are the words of Jesus Himself. I'm not super holy, I'm super needy.  My Bible has saved me thousands of dollars in therapist bills. It corrects me when I'm getting off track and reminds me of all the blessings coming my way when I obey. I get excited when I feel like Jesus is sharing a secret with me and I am in awe that God would allow me to read His personal diary. Not gonna lie I'm pretty stoked by this book.

After my mother was admitted into a nursing home my sisters and I had to go to my parents house to collect some of their personal items. One of the things I found that is priceless to me is my mother's Bible.

I didn't even know my mother had a personal Bible.
As many of you regular Gems know my mother and I did not have the best relationship so in a weird way my mothers Alzheimer condition kind of made things better for us. She didn't remember me so I became the nice lady that came to visit.  She was happy to see me and that made me happy.

I held this personal treasure in my hands and slowly began to look through the pages. I was excited and sad at the same time, wondering what my mother's thoughts were as she read this precious book.
Suddenly my heart skipped a beat as I found pages with verses underlined, pages where she had written a small note on the side of the page. I started digging through the pages looking for anything my mother might have written. I was getting a glimpse into her personal world with Jesus. What did they share? What spoke to her? What promises did she hang onto for dear life? What secrets did Jesus share with her?
Gems it was such a solemn moment for me. I'm full of emotion even as I write this jewel. For the first time I was meeting my mother as a Christian woman. Funny my mother keeps meeting me for the first time, the nice woman that came to visit. Isn't life strange and wonderful.
I use my mother's Bible every Wednesday when I go to Bible study. 
I tenderly carry it as if I were holding her hand and bringing her with me.
One day when I have gone home my children will find my Bible and they will meet another side of me as well. Yes, they have met me as a Christian but they will see many conversations I had with Jesus that they were not a part of. How many verses I claimed over each one of them. How often I petitioned God on their behalf. They will get a glimpse into my personal life with Jesus and what verses spoke to me. They will see for themselves that not only did I speak to Jesus, He spoke to me.
I hope this jewel has inspired you to get into your Bible. Read it, enjoy it, highlight verses that spoke to you, write notes in it and most importantly share it with those you love. Speak to Jesus then open His word and let God speak to you. Enjoy some Bible talk.